JUSTIN A STERN Director of Photography


Justin SternJustin Stern discovered his fascination with the moving image as a young child when he first operated his father’s 8mm camera. In the beginning, he just made family videos, but by the time Justin was 12 years old, he wrote and then directed and shot his peers in his first feature.

He was accepted to the magnet high school in his hometown, specializing in video production. There, he broadened and honed his skill set while working with others. As a senior, he was selected to direct both short films and the school’s television news program.

Next, he chose to study Media Arts at the University of Arizona, where he had the opportunity to learn and participate in all aspects of film-making. One of his shorts was the only student film selected to the Tucson Film Festival that year. There, Justin realized that his true passion, originating back to his roots, was in the power of telling stories through the lens, something which cannot be replicated by any other art form.

Since then, Justin has been refining his visual style, having worked on shorts, features, and commercials. His obsession with light, and how it interacts with the world in our everyday lives, has influenced his cinematic approach and use of imagery to tell a story while fully engaging the audience. Justin’s dedication and commitment to the craft, and his willingness to learn and evolve are evident every time he sets foot on set.